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Upright and grand pianos
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C. Bechstein

The piano that brings a thousand people to their feet. (more...)


Top class engineering, remarkable sound and touch. (more...)


Everything you'd expect from C.Bechstein at an affordable price. (more...)


Zimmermann, designed by C. Bechstein: A new standard for beginner pianos at surprisingly affordable prices. (more...)

Whatever your piano playing dreams, whether you're a professional pianist, a student with huge ambitions or a family who want the very best you can afford, C.Bechstein has a piano to suit you. We apply the very best of our expertise (developed over 160 years), the very top designers, the most exceptional of materials and only superior craftsman to each and every one of our brands. Simply explained, our C.Bechstein brand is the very premier piano to come from our German factory and is used by top pianists and venues the world over. Our outstanding Bechstein series is also manufactured in Germany and perfectly meets the demands of players who want a remarkable sound profile and a highly professional touch. W.HOFFMANN is our entry level brand, designed by our top team in Germany and made in our factory in the Czech Republic, ensuring all our pianos keep the unique European 'Bechstein' tone that we so treasure.

Each brand includes both grand and upright pianos and, whichever one you sit at, you will find yourself at a masterpiece of sound and responsiveness that can only come from the C.Bechstein piano house. When you play one of our pianos you will feel lifted by it as it becomes your perfect partner in a musical relationship that will last a lifetime.