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Our 2024 Summer Sale Highlights

With our summer sale well under way and lots of people already taking advantage of our reduced prices, we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight a selection of our favourite pianos currently on offer in our showroom.

C. Bechstein Academy A114 Chrome Art

If you are an admirer of a modern aesthetic but want a instrument designed with decades of piano manufacturing experience, then take a look at our C. Bechstein Academy A114 Chrome Art. This was the most modest sized member of the recently discontinued Academy range and offers both visual and tonal beauty. It is now available at a reduced price for our summer sale, making this stunning work of art even more attainable, but hurry, we only have one left. Could this be the missing piece to your modernist home?

W. Hoffmann Tradition Range

The W. Hoffmann Tradition series is the ideal balance of quality and affordability. Made in the Czech Republic by C. Bechstein Europe, W. Hoffmann provides German engineering and design at a family budget, delivering quality instruments for both promising beginners and seasoned professionals. The Tradition range sits comfortably between the W. Hoffmann Professional and Vision lines, providing a modest balance to suite your requirements.

The C. Bechstein Vario Silent System

For those of us who desire the quality and experience of an acoustic piano but require the privacy and volume control of a digital, a silent piano is the answer, however, this can often take the perfect piano out of budget. With our summer sale reductions also covering some of our Vario Silent pianos, this could be an opportunity for you to experience the quality of a C. Bechstein instrument, with the full privacy and control of a silent piano system. Here at the showroom, we have a diverse range of Vario uprights for you to try, ranging from the entry level Zimmermann Studio series to our premium C. Bechstein Academy models. Book a private showroom appointment today and explore our Vario pianos included in our summer sale.

C. Bechstein Academy Grand Pianos

At the summit of manufacturing quality, second only to the leading Concert series, the

C. Bechstein Academy grand pianos are perfect for those looking for their 'forever piano'. This year, we are including a selection of our Academy grands in our summer sale for those wanting to invest in an instrument that will be enjoyed by multiple generations of pianists. Made in Seifhennersdorf, Germany, the Academy range is manufactured to industry leading standards, designed to be played in conservatoires and concert halls across the world whilst still being perfect for a domestic setting. If you are a pianist looking for the perfect, versatile piano that will contribute to your legacy as a musician and loved one, a C. Bechstein Academy grand piano is the one for you.


Don't miss out and get in touch with a member of our team on 0161 567 7677 or send us an email at to enquire about any of the models mentioned here or to find out more about other reductions on any of the other pianos in our showroom.


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