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Piano of the Month - June 2024 C. Bechstein Academy A124 Style

Here at C. Bechstein Centre Manchester, we have decided to revive our ‘Piano of the Month’ promotion.

Every month we choose one of our favourite pianos to celebrate, and to share in that celebration, we reduce the price for the whole month, bringing our most elite instruments into a more achievable budget.

Our June ‘Piano of the Month’ is the C. Bechstein Academy A124 Style. This model has recently been discontinued and replaced by the C. Bechstein Academy A6 but remains one of our favourite uprights in the showroom!

C. Bechstein Academy A124 black polyester

Why do we love it?

Its truly beautiful appearance, profoundly complex tone and exceptional action make this the perfect instrument for beginners and virtuosos alike. The A124 Style caters to the needs of seasoned professionals, demanding amateurs and tentative learners, making it one of the best all-rounder pianos on the market. If you are looking for a premium piano within an achievable budget, you really can’t get much better than the C. Bechstein A124 Style. 

This piano is constructed within the C. Bechstein engineering workshop, by the engineers and sound engineers of C. Bechstein Pianoforte AG, Germany, the only piano manufacturing centre of its kind, where every detail is planned and manufactured with the highest level of craftsmanship and technical expertise. This affords this instrument its unique, rich sound and state-of-the-art technology. The meticulous manufacturing process gives this piano everything it needs to convey all colours of music from the most delicate pianissimo to a tremendous fortissimo.

C. Bechstein Academy A124 Burr Walnut

The A124 Style also stands out for its elegant design. Not only is it a treat for the ears and fingers, but a treat for the eyes too. This piano is a truly world-class instrument that will surprise and delight you at every turn. And if this piano wasn’t already attractive enough, the price will be reduced from 1st to 30th June as part of our Piano of the Month promotion.

The C. Bechstein Academy pianos are truly some of the best models in the premium upright piano market, surpassed only by the C. Bechstein Residence and Concert masterpieces.

Visit our beautiful showroom and try this piano for yourself.


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