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Piano of the Month - October 22

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

C. Bechstein Academy A-124

Made and developed in C. Bechstein’s factory in Seifhennersdorf, Germany, the C. Bechstein Academy A-124 is the tallest model in their Academy series.

C. Bechstein Academy A124 Style in walnut satin
C. Bechstein Academy A-124 Style

It is a high performance piano which is capable of an effortless pianissimo and a powerful forte, at only 124cm in height.


Height - 124cm

Width - 151cm

Depth - 62 cm

Weight - 251kg

The unique sound characteristics combined with a highly responsive action make these pianos compatible with all genres and abilities, perfect for beginners to professional pianists alike!

This instrument is available in two different casework designs; Imposant or Style. The Imposant (see below) has a more modern design with straight, clean edges whereas the Style has a more elegant, traditional style with rounded edges (see the walnut example above).

C. Bechstein Academy A124 Imposant in black polyester
C. Bechstein Academy A-124 Imposant

Why we love it!

This model has been a long standing favourite amongst the staff of C. Bechstein Manchester due to its wonderful warm tone and sonorous bass. We love how beautifully responsive the touch is and how this gives you plenty of creative freedom for your preferred playing styles. It is an absolute delight to play!

As Pianist Magazine says, it is a piano that:

“presents players at all stages of musical enjoyment with a German masterpiece that is within reach of anybody looking to invest in a piano for life.”

In addition to the standard black polyester, we also have the Academy A-124 available, in our showroom, in black with the Vario Duet silent system and also in a Burr Walnut Polyester casing.

C. Bechstein Burr Walnut
C. Bechstein Burr Walnut

Call us now to enquire about prices and book an appointment to try these instruments for yourself in our Manchester showroom. Pianos only available in black or burr walnut polyester in limited numbers. Subject to change, check for availability.


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