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Piano of the Month - September 22

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Zimmermann Studio S2 Vario silent upright piano

The Zimmermann Studio S2 Vario is the smallest piano in the Studio range at 114cm in height. Whilst smaller in height, this piano is certainly not small in sound!

A Zimmermann Studio S2 Vario silent upright piano in black polyester with C. Bechstein Headphones

It is an acoustic piano that excels the stringent quality standards of C. Bechstein and of which produces a fantastic sound at an affordable price. From the very first steps of the design process, in C. Bechstein’s R&D department, to the final quality checks in Europe, the entire manufacturing process is overseen by C. Bechstein’s technicians to ensure the quality of what sets C. Bechstein aside as a premium brand. All of which is evident when you play them!

Dimensions Height - 114cm Width - 149cm Depth - 59 cm Weight - 220kg

The Zimmermann Studio range marks C. Bechstein’s entry level series, which are perfect for beginner pianists to the more advanced amateur player. These are a popular choice for families looking for their first piano without breaking the bank.

Vario Silent System

Zimmermann Vario silent upright piano with C. Bechstein headphones resting on the keys

The added function of the Vario system gives you an acoustic piano with an option of playing “silently” without disturbing the rest of the family.

With the Vario silent system activated, the piano's hammers no longer hit the strings. The digital aspect kicks in and allows you to listen through the headphones, giving you the best of both worlds with the touch of an acoustic and the silence of a digital!

Why we love it!

  • Fantastic sound

  • Affordable

  • Compact

  • A great introduction into C. Bechstein ownership

  • The ability to practice silently on an acoustic piano

Call us now to enquire about prices and book an appointment to try these instruments for yourself in our Manchester showroom.

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